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Dollar Price Today in Mexico is a web site that collects the dollar price to buy, and the dollar price of sale, in Banks as Banamex, Santander, Monex, Banjercito, Banco de Mexico, HSBC, Banorte, BXPlus, Banco Azteca Inbursa, Scotiabank, Banco del Bajio, Bancomer, Ixe and major Banks of Mexico, updating the value every 15 minutes, to make the best decision for making transactions with this currency, highlighting the best option to buy or sale.

Last update of the dollar price:

Saturday 16th of October 2021 09:30:02 AM

Note: This price is for $1.00 USD

CitiBanamex CitiBanamex



Santander Santander



Banxico Banxico



Bansi Bansi



Scotiabank Scotiabank









Banjercito Banjercito



Banregio Banregio






Bajio Bank Bajio Bank



Ve por Mas Ve por Mas



Famsa Bank Famsa Bank



Azteca Bank Azteca Bank






Monex Monex



Inbursa Inbursa



Banco Base Banco Base



Cibanco Cibanco



Compartamos Compartamos



Bancoppel Bancoppel



Bancrea Bancrea



Bankaool Bankaool



Bansefi Bansefi



Fiterra Bank Fiterra Bank



BancaMifel BancaMifel



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Suggestions for decision making:

If you are going to sell, your best option is: Banregio in $21.30 pesos per dollar.

If you are going to buy, your best option is: Banorte in $19.20 pesos per dollar.

Real-time graph:

Real-time graph

Why the dollar in Mexico?

The US dollar is the most important currency in the world. In the international standard ISO 4217 is defined as USD (United States Dollar) or what is the same, "American Dollar"

Since a long time the dollar is and remains the most widely used currency in the world economy, some countries like Panama, El Salvador and Ecuador adopted the US dollar as its official currency.

The importance of this currency, especially lies to Mexico that this country belongs to the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) which is composed of Mexico, USA and Canada, and also 80% of its exports are to the United States, this being the main reason, which is important to know the price of the dollar and its behavior in the currency conversions.

The dollar’s role in the Mexican economy is clearly one of the main elements of which depends on stability, and that is the main currency in which remittances are received from the United States, representing the second largest source of income in the country.

In this website, we show the price of the dollar in Mexico’s leading banks, updating its value every 30 minutes to keep you well informed about the current dollar value or commonly called "Dollar Today", the banks that we show are:

Banamex, CitiBanamex, Santander, Monex, Banjercito, Banco de Mexico, HSBC, Banorte, BX+,
Banco Azteca, Inbursa, Scotiabank, Banco del Bajio, Bancomer, Ixe

As extra information, it is noteworthy that the stock market of all countries use the dollar as an element on which various transactions are measure and guarantee. The dollar is also the official currency in which the Bank of Mexico saves its international reserves.

These are basically some of the reasons that define the importance that the US dollar has on the Mexican economy and especially the importance of knowing their current value.

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